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Tax services provided by GSK & Associates includes personal tax, corporate tax, SST and other tax compliance services in Malaysia.


GSK & Associates provides tax services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are specialised in providing tax service for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Malaysia.


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Personal Tax Services

Personal tax services includes preparation, computation and submission of the following income tax forms to Inland Revenue Board within the stipulated due dates;

  • Form BE - applicable for those whose chargeable income is ONLY employment income

  • Form B   - applicable for those whose chargeable income are employment income and business income

  • Form M - applicable for Non-Residents who earns income in Malaysia

We will advice you on the personal reliefs available and other claims or refunds from Inland Revenue Board on behalf of you.

Corporate Tax Services

Our corporate tax services specialised on tax compliance for SMEs. Our tax services for corporate includes preparation, computation and submission of the the followings:


  • Form CP 204 - this is an advance tax estimate to be submitted by every company, 30 days before the beginning of their basis period.

  • Form C - this is the income tax return form for Companies.

  • Capital Allowance calculation

  • To compute other deductions and allowable expenses in order to assess the chargeable income and tax payable for a year of assessment.