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Tax Consultant Malaysia

GSK's Tax Services include direct and indirect taxes. Direct tax includes personal and corporate tax services whereas indirect tax includes service tax compliance services in Malaysia.

Tax Advisory Services - Written Advice and Consultation

Our firm specializes in providing written tax advice on intricate tax matters in Malaysia, necessitating a deep understanding of local tax regulations. This service is delivered by an external tax consultant who formerly held the position of Tecnhical and Executive Director at one of the prominent Big 4 accounting firms in Malaysia, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive and strategic written tax advice tailored to their specific needs.

Personal Income Tax Services Malaysia

​Personal tax services include the preparation, computation, and submission of the following to the Inland Revenue Board;​

  • Form BE - applicable for resident individuals whose income is other than business income, assessed under Section 4 (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f).

  • Form B  - applicable for resident individuals whose income includes business income and other income, assessed under Section 4 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f).

  • Form M - applicable for non-residents who earn income in Malaysia.

We shall advise you on the personal reliefs and other claims available for a basis period of a year of assessment.​

Corporate Tax Service Malaysia

A company's resident status is important in corporate tax computation. In Malaysia, a Company is considered a resident if its management and control are exercised in Malaysia. Management and control are normally considered to be exercised at the place where the directors’ meetings concerning management and control of the company are held.

Our corporate tax services specialize in tax compliance for SMEs, which include preparation, computation and submission of the the following income tax return forms to Inland Revenue Board:

  • Form CP 204 - an estimate of tax payable to be submitted by companies, cooperatives, trust bodies and LLPs not later than 30 days before the commencement of the basis period for a year of assessment.

  • Form C - income tax return form for companies.

We also provide compliance services with regard to withholding tax computation and submission of Form CP37.

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