Service Tax Malaysia

        Service Tax Malaysia

Our Service Tax services includes:

  • SST registration 

  • SST Consultation including on all aspects such as audit, accounting, tax and etc.

  • SST Calculation

  • SST return form preparation and submission

  • Review your SST computation and SST returns on every taxable period

  • Dealing with customs on special conditions that requires SST experts to consult on your behalf


  • Do your business need to register for SST?

  • What is the compliance requirements for SST?

  • What is my taxable period?

  • If my customer have not paid my SST invoices, do I have to pay the SST to customs? 


  • We at GSK & Associates have SOLUTIONS for all the above issues

  • We are also able to assist you on SST related bookkeeping, audit and tax issues

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