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Audit Firm in Malaysia

Audit Firm in Malaysia

GSK & Associates provides audit services in Malaysia. We focus on the needs of SMEs on statutory audits or financial audits in Malaysia, covering various industries including trading, services, investment holding and more. Apart from Malaysian Company owners, our client range also includes owners from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

We provide

  • Statutory audits or Financial audits as required by the Malaysian Companies Act, 2016.

  • Financial due diligence, normally conducted before purchasing or investing in an existing business.

  • Forensic audits, also known as investigative audits, normally conducted to investigate or discover fraud and mismanagement.

  • Other special audits as per the requirements of any business.​

Fees are based on

  • The Recommended Practice Guide 7 (RPG 7) issued by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) for audit services. Even though the RPG 7 has now been abolished by MIA, it is still used in establishing statutory audit fees in Malaysia.

  • Volume of work and time taken to complete the audit.

  • Risk involved in the audit.


  • Confidentiality of client information is one of our firm's areas of emphasis in providing audit services.

  • Our clients can be fully assured that their financial, management and other information as well as issues will be given our utmost confidentiality while we deliver our services. 

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Sirinjivi Vengadeson

Manager, GSK @ Kuala Lumpur

DID:+603-2705 6550

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